Minolta SRT-101

This is a “rescue camera”. It was found in a bag of old photo junk that was destined for the scrap heap. After digging around in it I wound up with a fully functional piece of 1960s technology, complete with leather strap and carrying case, original Rokkor 55mm lens, and even a working battery so the analog meter still works. The SRT-101 has an MC lens mount, which will accept MC or MD lenses, and works only in manual mode.

The thing is built like a tank, and the weight is very noticable after holding a more modern camera in your hands. It has a small dent in the top and the usual wear and tear of a 40-year old camera, but works fine. The battery is one of the old mercury batteries, which are no longer available. When it dies I will have to find a suitable replacement, possibly a hearing aid battery.

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