About me

I’m a photographer working in Alexandria, Virginia, who’s been shooting and printing photographs since the mid-2000s. Most of my work is black and white film, printed by hand in a traditional dark room. I shoot in a variety of formats including 35mm, medium format and 4″ x 5″, and I’ve experimented with building my own equipment and various nonstandard printing techniques.


My background is engineering, which affects the way I approach things, from constructing my own gear to methodology to the subjects I choose to photograph. My love of exploration, art, and music also plays a large role.

I have studied under Frank Herrera, who taught at the Photoworks at Glen Echo Park, and I’ve shown in several shows there, as well as the occasional entry at the Torpedo Factory Art League gallery in Alexandria. I also belong to a great group of photographers who continue to favor chemical photography and black and white printing, refusing to let the art fade away.

I am available for projects; you can reach me at andy.currie (at) hotmail.com

Please enjoy the site, and check back regularly, I print lots of stuff!

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  1. Took a quick look – looks good! I’ll have to come back and explore when I have a little more time (I’m at work right now).

  2. Andy, my compliments to you for a great job of setting this site. I’ve always admired your creativity.

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