“The Holographic City”

This image was shot in my home built 4″ x 5″ camera, and the negative “printed” onto a second sheet of film, making a positive The positive sheet was then printed onto paper in the normal manner using an enlarger, producing a negative final image. Blue toner was later applied.

Experimenting with Composite Images

One of my favorite photographers is Jerry Uelsmann, who has been making composite photos for many decades, starting in a time when a “photo shop” was a dark room, not a piece of software. I’ve been doing some experiments with this technique of burning different parts of various images onto a single piece of paper to fabricate a completely new image. It’s difficult work, takes a lot of patience, and uses a lot of paper before you get something worth keeping, but it’s worth it.



The Greenbank Telescope

The Greenbank Telescope in Greenbank, West Virginia, is a radio astronomy telescope with a 100 meter dish antenna and is the largest steerable radio telescope in the world. An amazing site to see in person, this thing with a diameter greater than the length of a football field that pans and tilts around to point at various points in the sky. Digital cameras are not permitted anywhere near this or any of the other radio telescopes, as the electronics emits radio energy which interferes with the sensitive instruments. Fortunately, my 1950’s era Minolta Autochord is up to the task.

Green Bank 2